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** FREE **  I’m putting 50 of these bags up **  you just pay the shipping!
Thinking about single use plastics ..I’m sure there are others like me, that feels like they aren’t hurting the earth BUT also maybe are not doing anything really proactive.  And I thought what’s something small cats like me would be willing to do that would in the grand scheme be a help.
So I was thinking of the old saying “we use every part of the buffalo” — the idea of no waste/upcycle. And I made this design.
My thought is if you get one of these bags and promise to use them twice a month instead of using the bag that the place you are shopping is trying to give you, that will save 400 bags a month OVER 4,000 bags a year from going into a land fill.
I wil also have 100 of them with me in OKC, so if you see me Ill give you one.